Work With Us

Collaborating with local, state, and federal governments, non-governmental organizations, and private organizations, DGSS, provides applied research, technical assistance, and training to the people of the Pacific Northwest.

To date, DGSS has produced almost 200 research reports, supported over a dozen Ph.D. dissertations, and has been associated with hundreds of journal article publications. Their work has been so successful that they have served as the model for many outreach units in the region.

Additionally, DGSS has offered dozens of training sessions, engaged in technical assistance across the region, and have been the recipient of over $15 million in external research funding.

Applied Research

DGSS conducts sophisticated applied research to address problems within the region to improve lives, policies and communities. DGSS works with clients to design applied research to enhance knowledge and provide potential solutions to address key issues that meet their clients needs.

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Technical Assistance

For more than 50 years, public and private organizations have relied on DGSS to analyze organizational data, to collect and analyze new data and organizational assessments, and to provide technical assistance. Utilizing various methods, DGSS provides meaningful and insightful assistance to organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Faculty, staff, and graduate students associated with DGSS have presented numerous workshops to governmental organizations including academic, tribal, political and law enforcement agencies from across the state.

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