WA State Commercial Driver Licensing Requirements – ESHB 1129


ESHB 1129, Section 112 requires Washington State University to “study the potential impacts that current licensing requirements, including training hours, and testing may have on the shortage of commercial drivers, with a focus on public transit operators.” The legislation requires a comprehensive review with the goal of making recommendations to improve the state’s commercial driver training certification through the following: (1) reviewing and identifying federal mandates for transit operator training; (2) identifying WA DOL requirements above the federal mandates; (3) identifying areas to streamline state training requirements; (4) reviewing similarities and differences of at least five states on their training and certification of commercial drivers; (5) identifying challenges for transit agencies regarding current training, notice, department response, certification, and commercial drivers licensing standards and what adjustments may be warranted to help alleviate the shortage of transit operators.  The legislation requires findings to be reported to transportation committees of the legislature upon completion.

To meet the requirements of ESHB 1129, Section 112, DGSS will use a mixed methods research design that includes key stakeholder interviews, analysis of secondary data, and other methods as appropriate to complete a comprehensive review of all required elements and develop recommendations. DGSS will   accomplish this work in collaboration with the Washington State Transit Association.

To meet the required timeframe in the legislation, DGSS will develop and implement  a mixed-methods research design that focuses on stakeholder engagement, available research, and current available data.

Project Lead:

Season Hoard – Principal Investigator