League of Women Voters of WA State


In September of 2022, the League of Women Voters of Washington (the LWVWA) contracted with Washington State University’s Division of Governmental Studies and Services (DGSS) to conduct an independent evaluation designed to better understand perceptions of the LWVWA across the state of Washington. Using a mixed-methods research design featuring semi-structured interviews and an online survey of organizations across the state—including state legislators, county government officials, state executive offices, non-profit groups, libraries, primary and secondary education, higher education, law enforcement, and media—the evaluation was designed to address four primary topics: awareness of the LWVWA, whether the LWVWA is perceived as a credible and valued partner, the LWVWA’s impact, and the LWVWA’s effectiveness.

Both qualitative and quantitative research methods involved non-probability (non-random) sampling, which limits generalization. Additionally, for both methods, self-select bias, where sample bias occurs from research participants self-selecting to participate in research, is highly likely. In the case of both interviews and the survey, those most familiar with the LWVWA, and those with more positive views, are more likely to participate in the research—a fact which biases the results. Thus, findings from both methods should be treated with caution, and reflect the sample of participants and not necessarily the population of organizations across the state.

League of Women Voters Final Report

Project Lead:

Season Hoard – Principal Investigator