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DGSS Division of Governmental Studies and Services


DGSSers at Open HouseDGSS was created in 1964 to serve as a subunit of the Political Science Department to provide applied research services to federal, state, and local government agencies in Washington state.

In 2001, the College of Liberal Arts and WSU Extension agreed to jointly sponsor DGSS as a University outreach unit. Under this agreement DGSS and the Program for Local Government Education (a program funded by the W.K. Kellog Foundation and housed in WSU Extension) were merged and retained the title Division of Governmental Studies and Services. This support and a corresponding expansion of the unit’s mission resulted in a broadened scope of activities, a substantial growth in staff, increased applied social science engagement capacity, and enhanced technical and training services for organization in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Services

WRICOPS-WSICOPS RETREAT 5-27-09Since 1964, DGSS has provided applied research, technical assistance, and training to the people of the Pacific Northwest. In our work, we have collaborated with local, state, and federal governments, countless non-governmental organizations, and private organizations throughout the region. Our work has been so successful that we have served as the model for outreach units in the region.

To date, DGSS has produced almost 200 research reports, has supported over a dozen Ph.D. dissertations, has been associated with the publication of hundreds of journal articles, has offered dozens of training sessions, engaged in technical assistance across the region, and has been the recipient of over $15,000,000 in external research funding.

We provide applied research, technical assistance, and training in the following program areas:



Jointly affiliated with
WSU Washington State University College of Arts and Sciences  WSU Extension