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DGSS Division of Governmental Studies and Services

Training for Organizations

Specialty Crop Photos - 2008 016Faculty, staff, and graduate students associated with DGSS have presented numerous workshops to numerous governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Our workshops cover a variety of issues important to organizations, including topics in research methods, ethics, and emergency management, as well as several other topics.



  • Appreciative Inquiry (WRICOPS)
  • Collaboration and Resource Leveraging
  • Collaboration for Tribal Natural Resource Managers
  • Collaborative Potential Assessment
  • Community Assessment: Asset Mapping
  • Community Assessment Through Survey Research
  • Community-based Collaborative Decision-making
  • Community Emergency Response Team Training
  • Community Engagement and Collaboration
  • Community Partnerships (WRICOPS)
  • Community Problem Solving (WRICOPS)
  • Community Oriented Policing (WRICOPS)
  • Conflict Management
  • COP, Disaster Planning and Resilient Communities
  • Digital and Computer Evidence Collection and Processing
  • Disaster Planning and Preparedness Lessons
  • Employee Job Satisfaction and Stress
  • Ethics and Decision Making in the Political Environment
  • Ethics for Law Enforcement (FLETC certified, WRICOPS)
  • Ethics for Public Administrators



  • Government to Government Relationships (Partnered with UI Extension [C d’A FRETP])
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning
  • Human Trafficking (WRICOPS)
  • Interest-based Negotiation
  • Leadership in Public Organizations
  • Local Government Structure and Function
  • National Incident Management System Compliance
  • Organizational Change
  • Police/Citizen Relationship Improvement
  • Policy Development and Governance
  • Program Evaluation and Grant Compliance
  • Program Evaluation Research
  • Racial Profiling and Biased Policing
  • Rural Poverty Reduction
  • State and Local Anti-Terrorism (WRICOPS)
  • Survey Research Methodology
  • Tribal Perspectives on Natural Resource Stewardship
  • Tribal Sovereignty (Partnered with UI Extension [C d’A FRETP])
  • Trust and Social Capital
  • Victim Rights and Notification Systems in Washington State
  • Vigilant, Prepared and Resilient Communities (WRICOPS)


Training the Trainer

Students working with DGSS have the opportunity to be trained as workshop leaders in a number of DGSS training programs. This gives students the chance to gain practical knowledge, teach, and develop their public speaking skills. This is great experience, particularly for students who will be teaching classes as graduate students.

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