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DGSS offers many opportunities for WSU students, faculty, and staff to conduct research, publish about their work, acquire new training, and advance their skills to solve real-world questions. We partner with public, private, academic, tribal, and law enforcement agencies in myriad ways to promote public information, administration, and safety.

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Undergraduate Opportunities

Each year DGSS employs a number of undergraduate students as temporary research assistants. They work with faculty, staff, and graduate students assisting with applied research and data.

Internships allow students to combine their academic experiences with practical work in a particular field. Interns can gain real-world experience while earning course credit toward their degrees. Students who have a specific interest in one of the many specialized fields of DGSS can seek an internship that focuses on projects within that field.

Graduate Opportunitiesstudents working together

DGSS offers graduate students the opportunity to participate in social sciences applied research studies through data analysis, survey experience, field research, and report compilation. Many former graduate students who were affiliated with DGSS were given the opportunity to develop research manuscripts and publish articles in peer-reviewed journals in areas of political science, criminal justice, and other social sciences. Expert DGSS staff offer guidance and mentoring, such as advice about publishing, sharpening research topics, and more.

DGSS provides a range of employment opportunities for graduate students, depending on available projects. When possible, research assistantships are included in project budgets. Externally funded projects often provide funding for student hourly wages. As much as possible, DGSS offers increased employment options during the summer.

Faculty & Staff


DGSS engages WSU faculty and staff in a variety of real-world projects, and hosts undergraduate interns, graduate student volunteers, funded graduate research assistants, and paid student employees. Faculty, staff, and students across the University are actively recruited to address projects in four program areas: Digital Initiatives, Governance & Sustainability, Public Safety, and WSU Emergency Management.


Our staff can work in various capacities as part of project teams and as mentors for students and interns, providing advice, feedback, and guidance.