Arrest and Jail Alternatives


DGSS proposes to design and conduct a mixed-methods program evaluation across three AJA site locations to assess the grant-funded jail diversion programs located in Walla Walla, Olympia, and Port Angeles on five expected outcomes named in SSHB 1767, S(8)(a) and specified by WASPC in the AJA Annual Report (WASPC, 2021). The initial stages of the jail diversion program evaluation will involve the preparation and submission of an application to the Washington State Institutional Review Board (IRB) to gather 1) de-identified, client-level data, and 2) qualitative data from program operators, administrators, and community partners, for analysis. Following IRB approval, data will be collected, cleaned, and analyzed using appropriate statistical techniques to assess program outcomes on five expected outcome measures as presented in 2SHB 1767.

For the contract period, DGSS will prepare a detailed program evaluation plan. DGSS will work collaboratively with DSHS, RDA to identify other potential data sources and will meet regularly in consultation to 1) inform the evaluation plan to ensure it encompasses the expectations outlined in 2SHB 1767, and 2) assist with services necessary to obtain de-identified data access and approval through the Washington State IRB. The development of a multi-site evaluation plan will consider program profiles and client selection processes for participation in jail diversion in Walla Walla, Olympia, and Port Angeles. The evaluation planning process will also include an in-depth review of each program’s goals and objectives and a review of the jail diversion program evaluation literature. This may include collection and/or analysis of additional data as needed to support program evaluation components as specified in 2SHB 1767. DGSS will prepare and submit a mixed-methods research design plan that outlines the measurement of quantifiable constructs collected by three AJA sites to represent the five expected outcomes named in 2SHB 1767 and will detail the execution of the evaluation, to begin in year two. The final evaluation plan will specify the dates that govern the second year’s scope of work.

Project Leads:

Christina Sanders – Principal Investigator

Photo of Christina Sanders

Season Hoard – Co-Principal Investigator

Photo of Season Hoard in front of large green bush