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DGSS Division of Governmental Studies and Services

Applied Research

FieldResearch2DGSS works with our clients to design applied research that meets their needs, enhances knowledge, and can provide potential solutions to address key problems.


Field Research

Students, faculty, and staff at DGSS travel throughout the state of Washington collecting data for various research projects. Field observation provides researchers with first-hand data. When working with human subjects, field observation allows researchers to observe factors which may seem irrelevant to the subject and which the research subject may not convey in a survey.

Survey Research

Surveys – when properly designed and implemented – can provide valuable data to many areas of study. In collaboration with project clients, DGSS faculty, staff, and students design, develop, and implement surveys, share our expertise for increasing response rates and representativeness, and provide meaningful analysis.


DGSS provides objective evaluation research on agency programs and policies. DGSS has conducted a wide range of such studies for federal, state, and local government agencies. Our evaluation research has examined various topics, including biased policing, economic development, community policing, environmental sustainability, and emergency management.

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