Catalytic Converter Theft – ESSB 1815


In 2022, the Washington State Legislature contracted with DGSS to convene a working group for developing ideas for addressing the explosion of catalytic converter theft in Washington. The working group will include representatives from many backgrounds including recyclers, car manufacturers, city officials, and criminal justice officials.

The work group’s study shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

(a) A review of state laws related to catalytic converter theft;

(b) A review of national efforts to address catalytic converter 5 theft to determine whether there are best practices from other jurisdictions on how to effectively deter and end catalytic converter theft;

(c) Data collection and analysis of catalytic converter theft incidents across the state;

(d) Options to deter and end catalytic converter theft, including marking of catalytic converters;

(e) Options and opportunities to reduce costs to victims of catalytic converter theft;

(f) A review of the effectiveness of the grant and training program created under RCW 36.28A.240.15 16(4)

The work group’s recommendations shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) Changes to state law to reduce catalytic converter theft;

(b) A potential pilot program that could be implemented to decrease catalytic converter theft, including by prioritizing communities with the highest incidence of catalytic converter theft or communities experiencing the most financial impact due to catalytic converter theft; and

(c) Cost estimates for the pilot program and recommendations on evaluation criteria and metrics to determine the efficacy and benefits of the pilot program.

Catalytic Converter Theft Final Report

Project Leads:

Christina Sanders – Principal Investigator

Photo of Christina Sanders

Season Hoard – Co-Principal Investigator