Current Projects

DGSS continues to provide valuable research expertise to the organizations and people of the Pacific Northwest. Below is a list of recent projects DGSS has been involved in, organized into our three areas of expertise.

Washington State Patrol Traffic Stop Data Analysis – DGSS conducted an analysis of 5 years of WSP stop data, and continues to conduct interviews and focus groups.

Pathways to Housing Security – A multi-year study funded by the Washington legislature to examine the current state of housing instability and homelessness in Washington

Certified Remote Work Professional Course – DGSS is partnering with the Association of Washington Business Institute to offer a 4-week course designed to help participants develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective remote worker and provide resources to conduct a remote job search.

Catalytic Converter Theft Working Group – DGSS contracted to convene and support a working group assigned to develop ideas for addressing catalytic converter theft in Washington.

Barriers to Obtaining a CDL License – DGSS has been contracted to examine the barriers to obtaining a CDL license in Washington.

Jail Diversion Program Evaluation – DGSS has been contracted to evaluate a jail diversion program in Washington.

Past Projects

Telehealth in North Central Washington – DGSS was contracted by the North Central Accountable Community of Health to conduct interviews and a survey of regional residents to examine the challenges and opportunities associated with the expansion of telehealth services in the area.

Invasive Species Capabilities and Capacity Survey – DGSS was contracted by the Washington Invasive Species Council to assist in a needs assessment.

A farmer displays there wares at a farmers market

Lewis County Agricultural Producer and Consumer survey – DGSS was contracted by the Port of Chehalis to develop and analyze responses to a survey of agricultural producers about direct market sales of farm products, as well as survey of potential consumers of direct market farm products.

A picture of a row of businesses on a small town main street

Local Investment Networks – DGSS is supporting WSU Extension’s efforts to foster local investment networks (LIN) in Washington.

Oregon Department of Transportation Organizational Assessment – DGSS contracted with ODOT to conduct a survey of its employees.

Hospital Nursing Staffing Evaluation – DGSS assisted in the evaluation of the impact of Hospital Staffing Committees in hospitals across Washington.

Tri-Cities Governance – DGSS partnered with the William D. Ruckelshaus Center to provide evidence-based ideas for governance from around the United States to Tri-Cities Evolution, a regional planning organization.

Stanwood Community Survey – Partnering with the Metropolitan Center for Applied Research and Extension, DGSS assisted the City of Stanwood to conduct a community survey in support of community strategic planning activities.

Downtown Arlington Business Survey – Partnering with the Metropolitan Center for Applied Research and Extension, DGSS researchers helped to conduct a survey of businesses in Arlington to examine how the businesses were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resources that are needed to support the success of businesses in downtown Arlington.

Frontline Hospital Preparedness Survey – DGSS was contacted by representatives of the Washington State Department of Health to facilitate meetings and conduct a survey of frontline hospitals to assess gaps in frontline hospital readiness for a highly infectious disease outbreak.