Frontline Hospital Preparedness Survey

Preparing for Pandemics


DGSS was contacted by representatives of the Washington State Department of Health in the fall of 2015 and was subsequently contracted to provide meeting support and supplemental facilitation services to guide the Gap Analysis subcommittee of a larger study group in the process of survey questionnaire development to assess Washington hospital readiness for highly infectious diseases such as Ebola. DGSS and the subcommittee worked together to confirm that the most suitable target audience for a gap analysis survey at this time would be frontline hospital facilities throughout the state. With the subcommittee’s input, DGSS developed the survey questionnaire, then administered it to frontline facilities in Washington State and performed data analysis on the responses.


Christina Sanders

Project Co-Lead

Season Hoard

Project Co-Lead


A report of the results was delivered to the Washington State Department of Health.

Frontline Hospital Preparedness Survey Report