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WSU Program for Digital Initiatives is proud to partner with the Telework Exchange in support of Telework Week 2013. Telework Week, a nationwide effort to encourage agencies, organizations, and individuals to pledge to telework on March 4-8, 2013. Sign up now and telework during the week of March 4-8, 2013.

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Telework is a win-win opportunity for agencies, organizations, employees, and the environment. Telework supports:


WSU PDI Wins National Telework Award

The Program for Digital Initiatives was given a national award for leading telework efforts in higher education. PDI's efforts in promoting and supporting telework were recognized by Telework Exchange (a public-private partnership focused on demonstrating the tangible value of telework) at their 2011 Tele-Vision Awards ceremony in June.


Telework and the New Economy

Telework describes the use of digital technologies to allow people to work from a location other than the central office (bringing work to people rather than bringing people to work). It is a strategy to help meet economic and societal challenges. For employers telework is a business strategy to reduce operating expenses, increase efficiencies and use of digital technology, attract and retain a quality workforce as well as support business continuity/COOP. Telework provides communities with an opportunity to address economic, environmental and other societal issues.


With over 20 years of telework experience in both urban and rural settings, WSU has provided information and assistance to hundreds of employers as well as support to communities, economic development associations and other states in the development of telework initiatives.

Through partnerships and leveraging support of other telework efforts such as Telework Exchange, Telework Gov, Telework! VA, Telework Kitsap and Commuter Challenge, WSU provides research, promotion, resources and leadership to increase telework in the new economy.

Telework is a win-win-win for employees, agencies/organizations, and the environment.

Current Projects

Changing the Way We Travel
In the fall of 2010, Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) received over $2m in US Department of Energy funding for Changing the Way we Travel, a three-year project to reduce transportation-related fossil fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions in Thurston County, Washington. TRPC has contracted with the DGSS PDI to expand the use of telework and compressed work weeks. PDI will also explore opportunities to increase access to the technology that allows telework to be a viable option in smaller more rural communities in the county. Learn more about telecommuting possibilities in Thurston County: Thurston Here to There.

Previous Projects

Rural Telework
From 2000-2008 WSU telework efforts focused primarily on telework as a rural economic development strategy. The following are based on three major research projects. Materials provide research results, case studies, lessons learned and recommendations for next steps.
Digital Savvy Plentiful in Rural America 2008
Rural e-Work Program PowerPoint 2007
Rural e-Work Report 2006
Olympic Coast Regional Project Report (Connected Coast) 2004
Rural Telework Guidebook 2003
Rural Telework Report 2003




WSU PDI supports Telework Week 2013

Telework week 2013


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